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Women in STEM – week 45, 2016

13 November 2016

Breaking through glass ceilings seems to be the operative term, post-US elections. Read about these women that broke them.

  • Just in case we missed it, this article from HERSTORY reminds us about five great stories about women in STEM, and only this year. Wonderful stuff. Read it here.
  • Do you know Eileen Collins? No? I didn’t. Until I read this article about a women engineer who became an astronaut. Glass ceiling? Yes. And Collins did break it.
  • Although I wish there wouldn’t have to be an award like this one, Belgian gynaecologist Marleen Temmerman won the ‘Outstanding Female Scientist Award’ for her medical research. But, she’s worth an honorable mention here too. 🙂
  • Meet these five badass women in STEM. No, not Curie, not Lovelace, but five women who seem to have been left out of the limelight, when they clearly should be in. The University Herald reports.
  • So, last week, the news of the movie Hidden Figures kicked in gear. And, Hollywood seems to have seen the light. Another movie, a comedy called ‘Turned On‘, is on the way. The movie title should be interpreted as scientific as it can be. 🙂 But, we’ll see where this goes.
  • So, after the latest ‘nine-eleven’, Trump scared a lot of women. But here’s a fresh take on a term he has used frequently: nasty woman. In the article ‘What it means to be a nasty woman‘, the writer asks us to use the term in our own favour. Has Trump started a new feminist movement? Maybe. Form your own opinion.
  • “I have big dreams, I want to make websites to support local people with their work so they are no longer forced to turn to other countries for help.” Wonderful words from a woman from Afghanistan. Or rather, ‘in’ Afghanistan. Glass ceiliings in education for women over there break, bit by bit.

Check back with us next week for more.

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