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The ladies of the Big Android BBQ 2016

05 August 2016

The Big Android BBQ 2016 is just a few days away, and we thought: let’s shed some light on the women who are providing a workshop or talk there. Remember, you can still get a free ticket from us.

Jolanda Verhoef talks RXJava

Jolanda Verhoef has been developing for Android since 2009. She is currently the lead Android developer at Blendle, a dutch start-up that aims to save quality journalism. Her focus is mostly on architecture, using frameworks/libraries like RxJava, MVP, and Dagger 2 to improve code quality. In this talk Jolanda will walk you through various examples of real-life use of RxJava, using the Blendle app as a reference. She will explain the use of BehaviorSubjects to create Seperation of Concerns, talk about the different architectural layers and where RxJava fits into each of them, and explore some advanced RxJava use cases.

Eliza Camberogiannis lets you create a watchface

Eliza Camberogiannis is an Android Developer at Pixplicity, member of WTM Thessaloniki, GDG Thessaloniki and droidcon Greece. Facilitator for the greek Study Jam android fundamental course of Udacity and Google in Greece. This session is based on Google’s codelab for creating your own watchface. You will be introduced to the key concepts to creating your own (battery efficient!) analog watch face for Android Wear. But, in contrast to Google’s codelab, Eliza will not use any starter’s code! We will start building everything from scratch.

Get a free ticket

These ladies sound awesome, right? And they are just the tip of the Android iceberg. Do you want in? For free? Fill in this short questionnaire and you might find yourself having some Android developing fun this summer!

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