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Our first workshop!

25 September 2016

We’re happy to announce that the first Girl Geek Dinner Workshop is a fact! October 5th we will have a workshop about sketchnoting by Linda van der Pal. The workshop starts at 7, includes pizza and is just 10 euros. We hope to see you there!

You may have seen them at conferences: the professional artists who turn presentations into these huge, awesome graphical artworks. But also the people who sit quietly with a notebook and some colorful pens who just make colorful notes with fancy pictures for themselves. You might even have envied them, thinking ‘I wish I could do something like that’. Well the good news is: you can! No drawing skills required! Come to our session with a notebook and a pen, and you’ll learn all about sketchnoting, why it’s done and why you should too, how it’s works, and more. After this session, your notes will never be the same again.

The workshop will be held October 5th at Rockstart in Amsterdam. The workshop will cost 10€, which will go towards the cost of the food (we are a non-profit organization). As for our speaker, Linda van der Pal is Java developer at Finalist, the founder of Duchess (a network for female Java developers), Java Champion, co-organizer of the Dutch Devoxx4kids events and an active member of the Java community in general. She’s also an Agile enthusiast and visits many conferences about both Java and Agile.

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Feli - post author

Feli is a general geek. She just finished her bachelor in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam and is currently working as a software developer. Apart from AI, her interests also include drawing, gardening and organizing.