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GitHub Satellite

09 May 2016

The first ever international GitHub universe series event will be held in Amsterdam on May 11th 2016. Over 500 people are attending to learn how developers, founders, activist and more create amazing and impactful technologies. Speaker from all backgrounds and fields will be given talks in the ‘develop track’, focused on practical advice to developers, and in the ‘discover track’, that is aiming to give an introduction to the ideas, people and companies who are advancing the world through software.

Let’s give you an overview of some of the female speakers at GitHub Satellite:

Erica Stanley, Software engineer and cofounder Women who code.
Erica has worked with various technologies at the heart of IoT, including: sensor optimization, mobile & embedded development and cloud computing for over 16 years. She is passionate about gender and multicultural inclusion in tech, through education and exposure to opportunities.

Erica will give a talk about ‘Prototyping the Internet of Things’ and tell us about the tools that are now available to use for rapid prototyping.

Jessica Lord, open source Node.js developer on GitHub’s Electron team building tooling to support the ecosystem. Prior to joining GitHub three years ago she was a Code for America fellow and urban designer.

Jessica will talk about ‘Building cross-platform apps with Electron’, a short recap about Electron’s origin, more into the growing ecosystem and what’s to look forward to from GitHub.

Marjori Pomarole (Facebook) will give a talk together with Javier Marcos (Facebook) about ‘In pursuit of open source security’.

Judy Gichoya (OpenMRS) and Jessie Frazelle (Mesosphere) will join a panel on ‘growing and maintaining an open source project’.

Kakul Strivastava (GitHub) is joining the panel ‘every company is a software company’.

Jenny Duckett (GOV.UK) will talk together with Alex Muller (GOV.UK) on ‘How we built GOV.UK without breaking the web’.

GitHub Satellite will end with a closing keynote by 4 women.

Nicole Sanchez (GitHub), who has over 20 years of experience in organizational culture and management.
Desert Horse-Grant (Fred Hutch), catalyzes scientific collaboration and propels research advances to the clinic through her innovative, strategic thinking and organizational development skills.
Lisa McFerrin (Fred Hutch), she has a passion for designing tools that facilitate collaborative and reproducible research in order to advance our understanding of cancer biology and improve patient care.
Elizabeth McCauley (Code to Inspire), she serves on the board of Code to Inspire, the first Girl’s Coding school in Afghanistan. She works as Global Business Development Head for Coinsecure, India’s largest Bitcoin exchange and additionally just cofounded a dedicated hardware wallet project.

We are very curious with how these four women will be closing the event, but we think it will be with something amazing.


We thank GitHub for offering scholarship tickets to women of the Girl Geek Dinner NL community.
More information on GitHub Satellite, visit the website: http://githubuniverse.com/satellite