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Girl Geek Dinner #2 • Elisa Jasinska • The Packets and I vs. The World

21 August 2014

Date: Monday, 30 June, 2008
Time: 7-11 PM
Location: Flexbar (Pazzanistraat 1, Amsterdam)
Cost: 22.50 Euros (buffet dinner, excluding drinks)

The Flexbar is located on the Westergasfabriek terrain.


Since the invention of telephony, networks have played an important part in our interactions. These days many computer networks form the thing we know as “the Internet” – a network of networks. Many components help to move bits and bytes, frames and packets around: cables, fibers, routers, switches, etc. This talk will describe the history and basics of the Internet, what’s fascinating about it and what actually happens down the wire.

Speaker Bio

Elisa herds packets and babysits switches at the Amsterdam Internet Exchange. As a member of the CCC hacker association in Germany she helps organize various conferences like the yearly Chaos Communication Congress.

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