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Announcing Girl Geek Dinner 21: Women who rock A.I.!

20 September 2017

We’re excited to announce dinner #21 to you! Join us in the evening hours of Thursday Oct 19 in Amsterdam for our dinner ‘Women who rock AI’. We have three (!) great speakers lined up for you to tell you lots about why they love artificial intelligence and why they decided to pursue a career in it – with their own business.

What opportunities and hardships did they face on their venture, why is it awesome to work in AI and how do you get yourself going in that direction? What does it take to maybe start your own business in this exciting field?

What’s AI?

Artificial Intelligence comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s often referred to as deep learning, machine learning or adaptive computing. There’s many a great book to read about this field of computer science. Big Data? It’s just the start. If you’d like to know more about AI, the blog post ’20 Free Books to get started with Artificial Intelligence’ is a good place to… well, start. 🙂

Or… you come to our dinner, connect with others and hear our two speakers talk passionately about how and why they love AI.

Practical info

So, what about the logistics of this dinner? Here’s the practical info:
Cost: 15,95 (for dinner and drinks)
Address: Rigakade 10, Amsterdam (Rockstart Office)
Venue open: 19h
Available spots: 50

More info on speakers and exact timetable will follow in later posts.

Register now!

Click on the link below to open the registration form. After registration, we’ll send you more info on how to pay for this exciting event!

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Esther - post author

Esther is software product manager who likes the human factor in IT. If she's not busy doing that, she likes to drive her motorcycle, play sax, ride her racebike, and get in touch with speakers for Girl Geek Dinner.