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AMS GGD Workshop #1 • Sketchnoting

09 October 2016

This week we organized our first official GGD Workshop! Wednesday, October 10th, 21 enthusiastic Girl Geeks came to Rockstart to learn all about sketchnoting. While not many knew what is was, let alone had previously done it, all were eager to learn.


The workshop started with drinks and bites (as all good events do), after which Linda van der Pal, our speaker of the night, started the workshop with a presentation about sketchnoting: what is it, why would you do it, how do you learn it. All of this was told by referring to a sketchnote Linda made, to immediately show the use of sketchnoting.

Linda's sketchnoting presentation

Linda’s sketchnoting presentation

After this presentation, pizza was served and the practice could start. Linda prepared several possible exercises we could go with and everyone could vote on their favorite exercise. We spend the next hour practicing basic shapes, letters, banners and bikablo (a kind of icons). Every exercise, Linda started with some examples, after which we could try it out ourselves.

Sketchnoting practice

Everyone had a great time getting to know this notetaking technique as well as each other! We hope to have our next workshop soon, so if you have a talent and you’d like to teach others, please email us! We hope to see you all soon at our next drinks, workshop or dinner!


For everyone who wants to learn more about sketchnoting, Linda was so kind to send us a list of the reference books she took to the workshop:

Bikablo 1 ISBN 978-3-940315-21-2
The sketchnote handbook – Mike Rohde – ISBN 978-0-321-85789-7
100+1 drawing ideas for sketchnoters and doodlers – Mauro Toselli – ISBN
Zo teken je de leukste fantasie letters – ISBN 978-90-447-3372-3
Striptekenen voor iedereen – Christopher Hart – ISBN 90-6017-695-2
Cartoon karakters tekenen – Chris Hart – ISBN 978-90-8998-071-7

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