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Postponed: “AI: sexist machines?” – Girl Geek Dinner #22

20 January 2020

You’ve probably read about it: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and why it gets gender biased. In Girl Geek Dinner #22, the ladies speaking will explain the phenomenon and convey ways to beat gender bias in tools and products with AI-components. In between the talks, we enjoy nice food, made possible by NIBC’s fancy catering.

We’re sorry to say we have to take a raincheck! New health precautions at our location, put in place because of the COVID-19 virus, make it unavailable for the short term.

There will be no dinner on March 19 – but there will be in the near future; when and if everything is resolved, probably somewhere in May. We’re coming back to you shortly with a new date.

So, we’re pleased to announce Girl Geek Dinner #22! Our host is the NIBC Bank, which is based in The Hague. We’re working on a new date as we speak.

Please note that the timeline shown is provisional. Details may change. We’ll keep you updated on the changes.

Provisional Program Timeline

18.00-18.15 Arrival
18.15-18.45 Welcome drinks and small bites
18.45           Talks
19.15           Dinner
20.00           Talks
20.30           Drinks and networking at the Exchange (inhouse Pub @NIBC)

What we’ll talk about

Marion’s Talk: Why is it that almost all chatbots are ‘women’? Can AI be sexist? And if so what can we do about it?  

Caroline’s Talk: is about the unconscious bias that leads to women being evaluated differently to men and the bias affecting female leadership in general. She will share her own life experience about how important is for women to find role models and learn to ‘Lean in’ within an organization.

Our speakers

Cinzia Berrittella joined NIBC in 2017 as Enterprise Data Modeller. She holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences granted from the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, where she acquired the modelling skills that brought her to NIBC. Cinzia is an Italian expat and a published scientific author. 

Caroline Oosterbaan is a member of the Executive Committee of NIBC since 2017 and responsible for all of NIBC’s Corporate Client Products. Prior to becoming the head of Corporate Client Products, Caroline joined NIBC Bank in 2013 as head of Mergers & Acquisitions before being appointed in 2014 as the head of Corporate Banking Sectors. In addition to her role at NIBC, Caroline is a member of the Supervisory Board at the Westland Kaas Groep and Stichting Fonds Cultuur+Financiering, a member of the Advisory Board at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, a member of the Erasmus Hoogeschoolraad and a member of the Studiegezelschap voor Economische Politiek. Caroline’s background lies in M&A, strategy consulting and entrepreneurship and she holds a master’s degree in Business Economics from Erasmus University.

Caroline Oosterbaan
Caroline Oosterbaan

Marion Mulder helps organisations leverage digital technology, especially Chatbots, Voice Assistants, AI & AR, for optimal Customer Service. She currently works on digital assistant projects for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Amsterdam UMC hospital. She is also ambassador for Women in Voice NL. Marion has been working in digital technology for many years and various large organisations. Through her work for the Workplace Pride Foundation, a which she is a board member, she also has a strong personal view on diversion and inclusion, data bias and AI ethics.
Photo credit: Jean-Christophe Husson

Marion Mulder
Marion Mulder

Dinner Sponsor

The NIBC Bank was established in 1945 to help rebuild the country post-war. Their purpose is “to create a sustainable franchise for the future, so we can continue to make a difference for our clients by focusing on their most decisive moments in business and in life.” They have a large clientèle in business and as NIBC Direct the bank provides mortgages and savings accounts. We are proud to say they’re our sponsor and here’s a few of their ladies showing their support for our cause!

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