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Girl Geek Dinner is a social event that is intended to encourage women to explore science, technology, and other traditionally male-dominated areas. The idea behind the Girl Geek Dinner is simple – we invite women who are kicking-ass in their respective fields, and we ask them to give an informal talk, where they can describe themselves and their work. This is followed by a Q&A session.

  • During the talk, a buffet dinner and drinks will be served.
  • After the talk, the bar will open, allowing ample time for socializing and networking.


Men are welcome to attend the Girl Geek Dinner if a female counterpart invites them. Yep, there will be a well-balanced gender representation for once. At that point, we can concentrate on the important things: socializing with interesting people, having thought-provoking chats and lively discussions (including listening to the guest speaker), sipping some fancy drinks and having a good time with each other.


Female high-school aged students (~18 or younger) can attend the next Girl Geek Dinner for free! If you are interested, please email us at organizers@girlgeekdinner.nl.
We are proud to be part of the wordwide Girl Geek Dinner movement, created by Sarah Blow.


The Amsterdam Girl Geek Dinner is organized by Christine Pinto, Saskia Freeke, Anca Dumitrache, Esther Heath, Feli Nicolaes,  Roxana Kooijmans and Anouk Visser.

Christine is an organizing geek, with a secretarial and event management background, currently studying Information technology.  She is one of the brainstormers behind the setup of ‘Het Breedschap’ a neighborhood initiative geared at acquiring funds with, for and through residents to help local initiatives in her neighborhood, Plan van Gool, Amsterdam Noord.



Esther is an application geek. She is a Bachelor in Communications & Media and former Online Marketeer, but always had an interest for IT and innovation. She pursued a career as a Business Information Manager. She loves to seek out the added value that technology can provide to business processes.

Feli is a general geek. She’s currently finishing her bachelor in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. Apart from AI, her interests also include design and organizing.

Roxana is a brain geek.  She is a post-doc at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, as well as the coordinator of the Primate Brain Bank.  She is the current Chair of Girl Geek Dinners Netherlands.

Eindhoven Girl Geek Dinner

The Eindhoven Girl Geek Dinner started in September 2011. It is organized by Wynke Stulemeijer, Leanne Scheepers and Andreea Voicu.

GGD_NL Foundation

Goal and activities

Girl Geek Dinner Nederland was founded on February 17 2009 as a local chapter of the international Girl Geek Dinners organisation. This is the result of one girl geek who got frustrated about being one of the only females attending technical events and being asked to justify why she was there by her male counterparts. She decided that she wanted this to change and to be treated just the same as any other geek out there, gender and age aside. After all to be geeky is to be intelligent, have passion for a subject and to know that subject in depth. It’s not at all about being better than others, or about gender, race, religion or anything else. Those things just detract from the real fun stuff, the technology, the innovation and the spread of new ideas.

Girl Geek Dinner NL organises dinner events in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and on occasion, at other cities in the Netherlands. Events are social, networking dinners intended to encourage women to explore science, technology and other traditionally male-dominated fields. The idea behind the Girl Geek Dinner is simple: we invite women who are known, respected and active in their respective fields to give an informal after-dinner talk where they describe their work and career path to-date. The talk is then closed with a Q&A session and drinks.

The outline and organisation of a Girl Geek Dinner are run along the following guidelines:

1) The events are not run by, or seen to be run by a commercial body or company

2) The events are run on a not-for-profit basis

3) All events are open to both males and females, with male attendees welcome to events on a matched-invite basis with a female attendee.

Further, speakers for each event are chosen by the GGD committee. Recommendations may be proposed by the sponsoring company or organisation for a dinner but the final choice lies with the committee.

Stichting Girl Geek Dinner Nederland is registered in the Netherlands at the Chamber of Commerce (number 34331058) and has been awarded the ANBI Status (820556919) which means your donations are tax deductible. We can be contacted at organizers@girlgeekdinner.nl.


Name and legal headquarters

The name of the foundation is Stichting Girl Geek Dinner Nederland.
The foundation has its legal headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our bank account:
IBAN: NL60TRIO0390498939
Bank: Triodos

Assets of the foundation

will be obtained via entrance fees, sponsorship, subsidies, grants, donations, endowments, legacies, bequests, and other gifts.

The foundation is a non-profit organization and does not pursue economic profit or gain. Any surplus on the balance will be used as a reserve for future events.



For a current report of our activities and financial reporting, you can download the most recent annual report here.

In case of any queries please sent an email to organizers@girlgeekdinner.

The board of the foundation

consists of the following members:
– Roxana Kooijmans , Chairperson
– Christine Pinto, Secretary
– Saskia Freeke, Treasurer

The foundation’s board members don’t receive any remuneration for their work for the foundation. Compensation for expenses can be made.

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