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The Inscience Film Festival has arrived!

30 October 2016

If you’re looking or something to do this week, go see a movie. Not just any movie, and why not see two, or three? The Dutch Science Film Festival, Inscience, is on from November 2nd until November 6th in Nijmegen!

At least 25 movies premier at the festival. There’s also an exposition (Contemporary Phenoma), a junior science quiz, serious gaming, Do-It-Yourself-Labs and a pop-up science museum.

With 52 scientific movies, this festival has plenty to offer. So go to Nijmegen, and enjoy these films.

Esther - post author

Esther is an application geek. She loves to seek out the added value that technology can provide to business processes. If she's not busy doing that, she likes to drive her motorcycle, play on her sax, play board games or on the Xbox, ride her racebike, and get in touch with speakers for GGD.