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Starting up a startup

02 October 2014


The 18th September saw 6 ladies, 4 startups and one evening alongside the Herengracht, Amsterdam in which to hear their stories and meet other Girl Geeks in similar positions or for many, having aspirations for their own startup in the near future.  

Van Chefs was our starter for the evening. Our second talk was by Anne Sedee, who talked about her company Therp and the growth they have been experiencing. A caterer on Van Chefs’ books supplied food for the evening. Kristel Kuit told us all about her startup that assist companies and takes a lot of tedious jobs out of their hands. And finally, Anne Maasakkers told us how she as a youngster amazed everybody by her tech skills and how she made a living out of her passion. The evening took a novel format for GGD Amsterdam and on reflection, perhaps what it lacked in in-depth insights because of limited time, it delivered on highlighting the wealth of different reasons for setting up a company and the pathways that each speaker took to achieve their goals. It also lent itself to an informal, networking-friendly atmosphere within the walls of Rockstart, our hosts for the evening with grateful sponsorship from KPN Consulting and GitHub.


Here are the presentations from VanChefs, Anne Sedee and Headroom.

Photos were taken by Tom Verstraat and Christine Pinto.
We also made an audio recording of the talk.

Esther - post author

Esther is software product manager who likes the human factor in IT. If she's not busy doing that, she likes to drive her motorcycle, play sax, ride her racebike, and get in touch with speakers for Girl Geek Dinner.