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Facebook and GGD to organise dinner at Hack In The Box Security Conference

01 May 2016

Great news! Facebook and Girl Geek Dinner team up to organise a dinner on May 25th, during the Hack In The Box Security Conference in Amsterdam (#HITB2016AMS).

You might not be surprised to learn the topic of this dinner will be something in the CyberSecurity-realm. Right now we’re dotting the i’s of the dinner (logistics, speakers, and so on) before we can open up subscriptions, so keep an eye our social media channels and our website to get the latest on this exciting collaboration.

And. Book May 25 in your calendar, of course. 🙂

So, what’s this Hack In The Box Security Conference?

Their website tells all: HITBSecConf or the Hack In The Box Security Conference is an annual must attend event in the calendars of security researchers and professionals around the world. Held annually in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Amsterdam in The Netherlands, HITBSecConf is a platform for the discussion and dissemination of next generation computer security issues.

Their events routinely feature two days of trainings and a two-day multi-track conference featuring cutting-edge hardcore technical talks delivered by some of the most respected names in the computer security industry. HITBSecConf is a place where ideas are exchanged, talent discovered and genius celebrated.


Sounds good, right? So, the 7th Annual HITB Security Conference in Amsterdam is definitely something you want to be a part of. Take a look at the exciting event agenda to find out more.

Esther - post author

Esther is software product manager who likes the human factor in IT. If she's not busy doing that, she likes to drive her motorcycle, play sax, ride her racebike, and get in touch with speakers for Girl Geek Dinner.