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AMS GGD #18 • Startups

25 August 2014

Date: Thursday, September 18, 2014
Time: 18:00-22:00
Location: Rockstart (Herengracht 182, Amsterdam)
Subscription: via this form. It is free, but there are only 60 seats available, so reserve your spot quickly!

Hear from six women from four very different startup companies. They will do a short talk and this will be followed by a panel discussion. And you cannot only feast your minds because, in between talks, VanChefs will serve some nice food too!

Panel members

Lisanne Buik & Emma Veerhuis

VanChefs is founded by Lisanne Buik (25) and Emma Veerhuis (24). After university, they both started enthousiastically as a trainee working for major companies (Ahold and KLM) and experienced how working on a large scale can be at the expense of the quality of products. They decided to to set up a platform to introduce passionate chefs to a broad audience and to put the people behind their food at centre stage. VanChefs is part of the startup incubator RockStart. More on Lisanne Buik and Emma Veerhuis.

Anne Sedee

Anne was amongst the first women working in IT. Not only as a trainer, but soon she also worked as a system administrator, project manager and head of an IT department. She has knowledge of the (administrative) organization in the non profit sector and in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s). The idea for the company Therp arose because Anne immediately saw the opportunities to streamline this administrative organization with Odoo (formerly OpenERP). Open Source software was at the time mostly used on the internet. There was still a world to win in the field of business applications.
More on Anne Sedee.

Kristel Kuit & Céline Doornink

Kristel and Céline run Headroom, their two year startup, with a birds eye view from the very top tower of the Rockstart HQ in Amsterdam, the place for startups to grow in the Netherlands. Kristel got her idea for Headroom Assistance in 2011, while living in San Francisco, but founded the company in Amsterdam, the next year. Headroom stands for Assistance from a Distance and little by little tries to convince European entrepreneurs to “Focus on what they do best, we take care of the rest”. While in the U.S. it is seen as fairly common to make use of a Virtual Assistant, it is seen as an unnecessary luxury to Dutch entrepreneurs.
More on Kristel Kuit and Céline Doornink.

Sanne Maasakkers

Sanne Maasakkers is a 22-year-old Computer Science student at Utrecht University. From a young age onwards she started experimenting with HTML and CSS and, after several years of doing some freelance stuff in web design, it led to Apprize. Apprize is a little company that creates web applications (Laravel, jQuery, Bootstrap, less) and iOS applications for small business up to 200 employees (and if she’s lucky, a big organisation).
Currently, Sanne is an active member of WIT (Women in IT), a student committee in Utrecht and a Jane of all trades at VHTO, the Dutch national organisation for promoting women in STEM.
More on Sanne Maasakkers.


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